In person weekly classes at Amitabha KMC

Join us at Amitabha KMC for an in person meditation class. We have a variety of classes to suit you, either lunchtime or evenings throughout the week. All classes are suitable for beginners and those with a bit more experience. Either book online or just drop-in and pay on the door.

Class fees:
£3 per 30 minute class
£5 per 45 minute class
£7 per 1 hour class
Or sign up for our £30 monthly membership:

Lunchtime classes

Mondays: 12:30 – 1pm

Simply Meditate- with Kirsten van Nispen

A simple breathing meditation with a visualisation to let go of stress and feel good!

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Tuesdays: 12:30 – 1pm (no class Tues 20th)

Relax & Let Go- with Mandy Roberts

Meditations to help you relax from busy life and visualisations to experience peace.

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Wednesdays: 12:30 – 1pm (no class Weds 21st)

Meditations to Lighten the Mind- with David Towner-Jones

Simple meditations on loving kindness to brighten our day and spread happiness.

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Thursdays: 12:30 – 1pm

Simply Meditate- with Stella Azzurra 

A breathing meditation with a focus on concentration and to let go of stress and feel good!

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Fridays: 12:30 – 1:15pm

Meditations for a Happy Mind- with Natalie Franco

Feel inspired and enjoy contemplations for an enlightened approach to life’s ups and downs. Learn how to generate happiness within by putting basic Buddhist teachings into practice.

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Evening classes

Mondays: 7 – 8pm

Basics of Buddhist Meditation with Gen Kelsang Lamchen

Simple guided meditations and practical teachings which are perfectly tailored to these challenging times that increase inner peace, reduce stress, improve relationships and help to find meaning in life.

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Tuesdays: 6 – 6:45pm (no class Tues 20th)

Peace of Mind with Kelsang Namkha

A short class to help us transition from the busy day to a peaceful, meaningful evening. Relaxing, de-stressing guided meditations and brief teachings from Buddhism.  Explore the nature of the mind, inner peace, and its connection to our happiness. 

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Thursdays: 8pm – 9pm

The Buddhist Path to Happiness with Gen Kelsang Lamchen

Explore Buddhist topics in more detail and learn to meditate effectively.

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