Live- stream day and half day retreats

Mini retreats are a perfect swap for lock down- after all, lock down or enforced retreat, it’s just an attitude of mind! These short sessions, ideal for beginners, provide the perfect opportunity to gain meditation experience and inject some peace into our day.

These retreats will be taught by Amitabha Kadampa Meditation Centre’s Resident Teacher, Kelsang Lamchen. She has been studying Kadam Dharma for over 20 years, and her warmth and loving example is an inspiration to all.


Think Like a Meditator- Follow on mini retreat

Sunday 5th July 9am-4:30pm

This mini retreat is the perfect way to consolidate everything covered in the four week course and gain real experience of defining whatever life brings in constructive, wise and positive ways. Retreat also provides a special opportunity to facilitate deep spiritual development and peace.

The retreat will consist of 4 sessions:

9am – 9:45am
11am – 11:45am
2pm – 2:45pm
3:30pm – 4:30pm

If you did not attend the four week course, you are still very welcome to attend this day retreat.

The cost of this mini retreat is £5. To book, please click on the button below:

Mini retreats
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