2022 Weekend courses and special events

Please see the in person weekend course page to book for these courses: https://www.meditationinbristol.org/inpersonweekendcourses/

September 3
Karma – transforming challenges, creating change with Gen Kelsang Lamchen
Learn to produce causes of happiness and change negative habits through working with karma; the inner dependent relationship of cause and effect.
September 18
May everyone be happy with Cheryl Kemp
Learn how kindness, connection and gratitude bring great meaning and joy to our lives and the lives of those around us.
October 1
A diamond in the rough with Stella Azzurra
By identifying with our own and other’s potential, instead of our limitations, focusing on our  strengths instead of our faults we can let go of under-confident, discouraged minds and develop an authentic experience of self confidence, balance and harmony.
October 8
Open Day At Amitabha KMC 11-3pm: https://www.meditationinbristol.org/openday/
October 30
Becoming a Meditator with Kelsang Namkha
Through training in meditation we can develop and increase our mental peace, which is the main cause of our happiness.  Anyone can learn the essential skills needed to become effective at meditation or to build upon pre-existing experience
November 4-6
Away retreat to Nagarjuna KMC, Thornby Hall
November 19
Strength to be strong – dealing with pressure with Gen Kelsang Lamchen
Life’s balancing act of responsibilities can weigh heavily when we are not feeling strong.  By training in meditation we can build a firm, stable foundation of inner peace that reduces pressure and enables us to approach our responsibilities with an open and flexible mind.
November 27
Green Tara Empowerment with Gen Kelsang Lamchen
December 3
Medicine Buddha Retreat with Mandy Roberts
December 31st
Onwards and upwards with Gen Kelsang Lamchen
Head into the new year with meditations that leave us feeling inspired to let go of difficulties and move into the new year positively.