Live-streamed weekend courses

These courses are suitable for everyone, for those beginning meditation and for those with a bit more experience.

It’s a great way to take time out and relax and to learn how to practically apply meditation to our daily lives. 

All courses are taught by experienced meditation teachers and include guided meditations, talks and a chance for questions.

Day courses are taught by the Resident Teacher of Amitabha KMC, Gen Kelsang Lamchen. She will explain and expand on particular topics of Buddhist meditation, drawing from texts and offering further insights from her own experience of daily practice.

These courses are also available to attend in person, to book for the in person courses please visit this page:

Creating calm- at home day retreat

Available from 1st August, guided by Gen Kelsang Lamchen

This retreat is pre-recorded, so just set aside a day, press play and become a meditator!  
Enjoy a day of guided meditations that create inner calm and learn practical methods for increasing mental stability. 
The special format of  the retreat will enable us to gain deep familiarity with meditation over the course of the day, this will set us up for creating an on-going habit of meditation that will help us to maintain what we have learned.  
The retreat day is divided into four sessions. Each hour long session consists of talks and guided meditations that build calm and stability.  Advice for the breaks between sessions is also provided, so we can really make the most of our retreat day. 

Retreat fee: £15 for non-members/ £5 for members. To book, please see the bottom of the page.

Weekend retreat

Following in the Footsteps of Buddha: Learn to establish a Buddhist meditation practice

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st August

‘Lamrim’ or ‘The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment’ is a structured series of meditations consisting of all of the essential teachings of Buddha.

Their successive order of presentation facilitates spiritual transformation as we follow in the footsteps of Buddha, shifting ordinary ways of thinking towards meaningful, altruistic and sublime insights. 

Retreat facilitates consistency and familiarity with meditation, creating a strong foundation for a regular meditation practice.

Timetable for the weekend:

7:30pm Introduction

Saturday and Sunday sessions
9-10am Session 1
11-12pm Session 2
2-3pm Session 3
4-5pm Session 4

Retreat fee: £35 for non-members/ £10 for members. To book, please see the bottom of the page.

You should receive the links to the courses as soon as you book. If this doesn’t happen and you haven’t received the link half an hour before the course is due to start, please email us at to receive it.

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