Amitabha Centre offers two special study programmes. All the drop-in meditation classes and courses are part of our General Programme, which aims to give people a general overview of Buddhist meditation and methods to solve daily problems. For those who are interested in deepening their understanding and practice we offer the Foundation Programme.

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme has been running for many years at all the major Centres of the NKT including Amitabha Centre. There are now hundreds of participants who can attest to the unique power of this programme. The secret of its success lies in the slight commitment which participants are asked to undertake. Participants sign up for one book (or in the case of some of the larger books, one section of a book), and commit themselves to attend every class, to learn the relevant material, and to sit an examination. Committing ourselves in this way, we ward off the waverings of our distracted minds, and set up a regime that enables the teachings to mix with and transform our minds. Those people who have tried to practise for years without a programme and without these commitments are especially appreciative of this.

The following Foundation Programmes are currently being held:

Sundays 5 – 9pm – Studying Universal Compassion with Kelsang Lamchen.

Wednesdays  7 – 10pm – Studying Eight Steps to Happiness with Kelsang Lamchen

The dates of these classes follow the Centre’s term dates, please contact us if you would like to know detailed dates. For more information on the Foundation Programme see here.

How can I find out more?

Begin by attending a few General Programme (GP) drop-in classes, at the Centre or at one of our branches. If you enjoy consistent attendance at GP classes you can enrol for an FP at any time. You may attend a couple of FP classes before enrolling. If you would like to enrol for a book (or a part of a book if it’s a long one), or if you would like to discuss the programme, please contact us on  or talk to the Teachers.

How much will it cost?

For a regular £42 a month you can buy an FP Centre Card and attend all your Foundation Programme (FP) classes and any evening classes and weekend courses (except special fundraising courses) organised by Amitabha Centre you like for no further charge. Geshe Kelsang in his introduction to the Foundation Programme, says: “We may have received some teachings or read some books on Buddhism and find them relatively easy to understand and accept, but we find it difficult to integrate this advice into our daily lives. We cannot use it to solve our daily problems. At the moment, when we study the Buddha’s teachings, our mind remains passive, like someone watching television; it does not engage in the subject or mix with it. Therefore, our daily life and our Dharma remain completely separate and unrelated. Why is this? It is because we are not studying systematically according to a specially designed programme. If we pick at Dharma randomly we shall never gain deep and stable experience.”