At Amitabha Kadampa Meditation Centre, Bristol

These courses are taught by the Resident Teacher of Amitabha KMC, Kelsang Lamchen.

She will explain and expand on particular topics of Buddhist meditation, drawing from texts and offering further insights from her own experience of daily practice.

There is a suggested donation of £20 (which includes a light vegetarian lunch), or £30 for blessing empowerments; however no-one is turned away due to lack of funds.

Most of the courses are from 10:30am to 3:30pm with regular breaks for refreshments and lunch. 

Please do book in advance so we can prepare enough lunch! For further information please email: 

Heres one for your New Years Eve diary……

It’s A Wonderful Life

Monday 31st December.  10.30am – 3.30pm

Step into the new year with greater meaning and purpose.

Embracing impermanence allows us to let go of the past, change for the better and make every moment count.

The suggested donation is £20. (includes a lovely vegetarian lunch)

Followed by…..

Chanted Prayers to Buddha Tara

New Years Eve: 9pm – 10.10pm
Then hot fruit punch and mince pies around the fire until Avalokiteshvara Practice. (see below)      No charge for this event

Avalokiteshvara (Buddha of compassion) chanted prayers and meditations. 

New Years Eve:  11.30pm – 00.10 am New Years Day.

When the compassion of all the Buddhas appears, it appears as Buddha Avalokiteshvara.  Through relying on this compassionate Buddha and faithfully reciting his beautiful mantra we can improve our compassion and create powerful causes to become an enlightened being ourself.
Together we can create powerful causes for a compassionate world to appear by reciting his mantra as we bring in the new year.  This is a beautiful practice and no experience is necessary – just come along and lend your good heart for a meaningful and moving start to the new year!
There is no charge for this Avalokiteshvara chanted prayers puja but if you like you can bring a small food offering (normally white in colour) to Avalokiteshvara.