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Kadampa Meditation Centre – Birmingham

Dealing With Pain ~ with Scott Ellis


We all experience physical and mental pain in our life. Our normal approach is to reject our experience of pain and to try to push it away. However this just makes it worse. By learning to recognise some attitudes that underpin our pain, we can learn to begin to undo them. On this course we will explore some simple and tried and tested techniques for dealing with pain more constructively and we will learn some methods for freeing ourselves from it’s underlying causes.  Everyone welcome

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Kadampa Meditation Centre – Birmingham


 SATURDAY 19TH AUGUST, 10.30AM – 1.30PM 

One thing is certain, we all experience problems and unwanted situations.
Buddha gave some very practical advice on how we can not only face difficulties with a calm and positive mind but actually transform them into the path to peace and self-development.  On this course we will explore some of these extraordinary teachings and learn how we can all practice them in our every day life.   Everyone welcome

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Silent Guided Retreat at Penmeiddyn

Transform Your Life – A Blissful Journey

August 25th to 27th, Pembrokeshire

Being silent in retreat is a wonderful opportunity to let the mental chatter fade away and deeply enjoy peace and happiness. From the calm inner space of your own mind, you can begin to bring about the transformation and change you wish for.

We all wish to be happy and free from problems and during this meaningful week end break in peaceful and silent surroundings you will have the opportunity to deeply mix your mind with positive objects of meditation that lead directly to inner peace and happiness.

If you have not participated in a silent retreat before, this is an ideal introduction. This retreat is suitable for everyone from beginners and those with experience. 

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