Day Courses 2017

All held at Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Bristol

These courses run from 10:30am – 4pm and include guided meditations, teachings and discussion. The suggested donation of £20 (£30 for the Empowerment) includes refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. There will be a longer break for lunch to allow people to visit local cafes if they prefer. No-one is turned away due to lack of funds.


The Meaning of I with Kelsang Lamchen

Saturday April 22 

Who do you think you are? This question is of great relevance to how we relate to ourself, other beings and the other phenomena in our world, and these relationships determine our actions and experiences. Using Buddha’s wisdom teachings we can understand how our own perfect liberation and enlightenment is not only within our reach but also much easier than trying to find happiness and freedom while remaining with our deluded views.

Keeping Going on the Spiritual Path with Kelsang Lamchen

Saturday 13 May

Following a spiritual path is a source of happiness and inner peace that benefits both ourself and others.  On this practical course we can explore the many ways that keep our spiritual path natural, comfortable and in harmony with our daily life.

The Eleven Reversals with Kelsang Lamchen

Saturday 17 June

Composed by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the eleven reversals indicate successful training in eleven key Lamrim (stages of the path to enlightenment) meditations and practices by showing what negative attitudes and thoughts are ‘reversed’ at each stage. They also show the benefits of Lamrim meditation and are an inspiring measurement of how to progress on the spiritual path. This is a real treat of a text that will bring fresh, renewed energy to our daily practice and enable us to approach it practically from the perspective of developing realisations.


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