This Week at Amitabha!

Evening and Lunchtime Meditation Classes.      

Evening Classes: 

Each class consists of guided meditations, a talk, and an opportunity to ask questions.  There is no need to book, just drop in to any class. Everyone is welcome     

Mondays 7 – 8:00pm    

Basics of Buddhist Meditation

with Kelsang Lamchen

Simple guided meditations and practical teachings for increasing inner peace, reducing stress, improving relationships and finding meaning in life.

The suggested donation for this class is £7

Tuesdays 7:30 – 8.30pm    Duncan Maybury

Full of Potential

with Mandy Wright

In these classes we shall learn a few simple meditations and techniques that are accessible to all and are known to enhance our happiness, peace and sense of well-being.

The suggested donation for this class is £7

Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:00pm       Mandy Wright

Pathways of Peace

with Duncan Maybury

A short and light class, exploring how improving our concentration allows us to develop deep familiarity in meditation with positive, peaceful minds; whilst mindfulness allows us to stay with these minds without distraction, and remember them in our daily experiences.

The suggested donation for this class is £7

Thursdays 8:00 – 9:00pm         The Buddhist Path to Happiness – A meditators guide to positive thinking.

With Kelsang Lamchen
Happiness is a state of mind that anyone can develop through training in meditation and mindfulness.When our mind is peaceful we can maintain our experience of happiness regardless of whatever life throws at us and we naturally have the inner stability and flexibility of mind to view the things in our life more positively.
These classes will focus on building positive, peaceful minds that we can apply to all aspects of our life.
Kelsang Lamchen is the resident teacher at Amitabha KMC and has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for over 18 years. She has a wealth of meditation and mindfulness experience and presents Buddha’s teachings in a clear and practical way making them easy to integrate into daily life.

The suggested donation for this class it is £7. 

For all the above classes we suggest a donation of £7 per class or buy a Amitabha KMC Class Card – £22 for any 4 classes 

No one is turned away through lack of funds


Lunchtime Classes    

Come and unwind with these short but beneficial meditation classes. No need to book. Just turn up.

Mondays 12:30pm   
Simply Meditate – with Phill Pollintine
30 minutes. Relax and be still with an experience of inner peace.
We suggest a donation of £3

Tuesdays 12:30pm  
Meditation for World Peace – with Mandy Wright
30 minutes. A guided meditation developing a sincere wish to cherish others. Using the books Transform Your Life or Eight Steps to Happiness.

Wednesdays 12:30pm  
Full of Potential – with Mandy Wright
30 minutes. Learn how to connect with the potential of our mind for deep inner peace and joy.
We suggest a donation of £3

Thursdays 12:30pm
Simply Meditate – with Sheena Teeder
30 minutes. Relax and be still with an experience of inner peace. This is an opportunity each week to learn and practice breathing meditation. 
We suggest a donation of £3

Fridays 12:30pm  
Meditations for a Happy Mind – with Natalie Franco
45 minutes. This lunchtime class includes a short teaching and meditation on various Buddhist topics, with an emphasis on generating happiness from within and putting basic Buddhist teachings into practice. Beginners and more experienced meditators welcome.
We suggest a donation of £3

Meditation Class for Children

Date:  Saturday 30th March

Time:  3pm – 4pm

In these classes children explore how to develop and keep a peaceful mind, a good heart and how to find happiness from within regardless of external circumstances.

The classes consist of brief guided meditations, talks, discussions, games and stories. Suitable for all ages.

Classes are from 3pm to 4pm on the last Saturday of most months as follows …

26th January,  23rd February,  30th March,  27th April,  29th June,  31st August,  26th October,  30th November.


Classes are held at Amitabha KMC Bristol

We suggest a donation of £3 per family/child, however, no-one is turned away for lack of funds.

Classes are guided by Kelsang Lamchen, who is a mother herself as well as being an experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation.  She is easy to talk to and radiates affection to all she meets.



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Events Coming Up

United Kingdom Dharma Celebration

At Tara KMC,  Etwall, Derbyshire.Buddha Maitreya Empowerment

The Power of Love: Teachings on Healing Ourself with Love

With Kadam Bridget Heyes – UK National Spiritual Director

19th – 22nd April 2019 

Taught by the National Spiritual Director of the UK, Kadam Bridget Heyes, and set in the beautiful environment of Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre, the UK Dharma Celebration is a holiday with a difference – giving you a chance to break free from your busy daily life and focus on the things that really matter. The UKDC will leave you relaxed, inspired and spiritually re-energised.

Kadam Bridget will grant the Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya and give teachings on Healing ourself with Love. 

Everyone welcome! Advance booking essential.  Click here.

Enquiries please email

4 Week Course

Taming The Mind – Developing Mental Discipline

With Kelsang Lamchen the Resident Teacher at Amitabha KMC

Thursdays:  8pm – 9pm 
Dates:  April 18th, 25th,  May 2nd, 9th    
Through developing mental discipline our mind becomes clear and peaceful and our whole life takes on meaning and purpose.  Our thoughts and activities become positive and beneficial and our relationships with others improve.  On this special course we will learn how to discipline our thinking and activities and bring about these positive changes. 
Booking opens shortly

How to Transform Your Life - Download your free ebook