Amitabha Centre

Amitabha Buddhist Centre is the regional college for Buddhist study, meditation and retreat for the South West of England around Bristol. The Centre is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition – The International Kadampa Buddhist Union.

As well as the resident ordained and lay Buddhist practitioners, our wider community includes families, and many others wanting to enjoy a peaceful and meaningful way of life through understanding and practising Buddha’s teachings.

We aim to provide an environment in which anyone can come and discover for themselves the techniques of meditation, and the peaceful Buddhist way of life. We run a range of study programmes, from simple introductory classes on how to meditate, to a 12 year Teacher Training Programme. The New Kadampa Tradition is unique among western Buddhist Traditions in being able to offer such a comprehensive presentation of all Buddha’s teachings. We¬† hold a variety of retreats throughout the year and also engage in a variety of pujas or chanted meditations.

The Centre was founded in 1992 in Bath and has since moved throughout the Bristol region, settling at its current address in 2007.





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  • Lorna fox says:

    I have contacted Lamchen to enquire about accommodation Thursday 25 th may as I am travelling on to the festival early Friday morning. Please could you let me know if that is possible.
    Thank you and much love .
    Lorna fox

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