This Week at Amitabha!

Southwest Dharma Celebration of….

Following a Spiritual Path in Modern Times.

November 15th-17th.

A weekend of teachings, meditations and a blessing empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni. By Kadam Bridget Heyes.

Everyone welcome.

Hosted by Amitabha KMC.

At Bristol County Cricket Ground. Nevil Rd., BS7 9EJ

Details:  HERE or click on picture.
Booking now closed. If not booked  just turn up 15 minutes early at the cricket ground to register there. Thanks.

Schedule for the special weekend at the Cricket ground.

Friday November 15th 
7:30–8.45pm Public Talk followed by drinks and snacks.

Saturday November 16th 
9:00–10am Meditation 
11:00–1pm Empowerment 
1:00–3pm Lunch and break 
3:00–4:30pm Teaching
6:00–7:15pm Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja with Tsog

Sunday November 17th
9:00–10am Meditation 
11:00–12:30pm Teaching

Watch Kadam Bridget Heyes below. She will be teaching Modern Buddhism again in Bristol Nov 15-17 for our Southwest Dharma Celebration.

Lunchtime and Evening Classes

These classes are drop-in classes. There is no need to book.
The classes focus on practical ways to make us more peaceful and hence happier. Methods for practicing this in meditation and out of meditation will be taught. There will always be something for us to take home and practice on too.
So just come along to any of the classes and experience for yourself the uplifting and inspiring effects of meditation and Buddhas teachings on daily life.
We also have a lovely World Peace cafe for you to enjoy if you come along to a lunchtime class.
Lunchtime classes last about 30-40 minutes: Suggested donation £3
Evening classes last about 1 hour: Suggested donation £7


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